I conquered La Ride!

Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered you will never grow.
– Emerson



Did you join in the fun this past September and challenge your friends to La Ride 100? Well, I did, and as a result I had a wonderful group of old and new faces join me for a lap around the beautiful Gold Coast hinterland. This September, La Ridley encouraged women across the world to ride 100 km. Sounds simple right? Maybe for some, but do you remember your first attempt at riding a century? I certainly do, I was 14 years old and I rode from Brisbane to the Gold Coast as part of an organised ride. It wasn’t for the other people around me, the experience would never have been as enjoyable as I found it. I loved every minute of the adventure, and after that, 100 km seemed much less daunting to me.

This weekend, I hosted my own La Ride event, encouraging women of all levels to come out, meet someone new, and ride 100 km. Even some blokes showed up to support the ride, which is something I love about the cycling community. We all get behind one another, and support each other in our endeavours both on, and off the bike. The ride brought together a whole bunch of people who would probably never ride together under normal circumstances. Most people are part of a certain group, or ride on the same sort of roads. So for those who had already conquered a century before, the ride brought a different kind of experience and reward.

A part of me was a bit nervous as to how many women would come join me for the ride. To be honest, since being back in Australia, I haven’t been able to ride as much as I usually like to, and time has gotten away. I’m at the point where I need some company on rides to make it a little more enjoyable, as when you’re unfit and the wind is pumping, having the wheels to suck, and some good conversation makes the ride. I very much ride for the socialisation aspect of it now, so La Ride is something I personally had been looking forward to for some time. It rekindled the fire to get back involved with a riding group, and trying to get on my bike more in the week.

The highlight for me, was being apart of a bunch of women’s first ever 100 km! Having this group of 30 around them certainly made the challenge seem far more attainable. Nervous at the start of the ride, based on the size of the group, the women managed themselves so well over the challenging parts of the ride, that by the end they even had the energy to ride around the velodrome to sneak in the extra kms that were needed to complete the 100km. It was past 10am at this point, and the heat was rising, but they still rode the extra 5 km to make sure they clocked 100 on the dot. This is exactly the point of something like La Ride, to encourage women to try something that perhaps they thought they couldn’t do before.

I’m already looking forward to the next challenge that La Ridley throws our way… who is up for a climbing challenge next?

Check out my La Ride 100 on the Gold Coast, Australia!

La Ride 100 GC


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