Is Sa Calobra on your bucket list yet?

Short and steep. Long and persistent. Climbs come in all shapes and sizes and I embrace and enjoy them all. Each type offers its own kind of surprises and challenges. Some climbs might be short but so steep they make you wonder what is the steepest rules of gravity allow to climb. Well, obviously, you don’t try and figure that out in the actual moment. All you can think of is puuuush – and pull and just try and keep your balance. Other climbs are less steep but so long you’re afraid your lower back will kill you before the top. And then there is what the Italians call “piano false”. Tthe hidden climb. It drives you crazy because it appears to be flat which make you feel as if you suddenly dropped all speed and power for no obvious reason. When in fact you might be climbing 3-4% increase for a long time. Like I said, I love them all!


Sa Calobra

If I were to pick just one favorite climb, it is SaCalobra in Mallorca. It’s epic! You descend it first and then you climb back up the exact same way as you just came down. Amazing, right? It’s not that long, 9,5 km and 7% average. Usually, I do can climb it just below 40 min. That means you can go almost all out for the entire climb. That’s crazy and hard but amazing. You have a pretty good view the entire time – which means that you can usually see how far you still must go. But you can also easily see where you came from and how far you’ve come. You get a good sense that you’re constantly progressing and getting closer to the top. It doesn’t allow you to let go much and it has a few super steep sections where you need to get up from the saddle. It’s breathtaking, litterally and figuratively, and it should be on every cyclist’s bucket list.


Climbing is meditation

When I climb, I enter a steady rhythm which transcendence into autopilot mode- it’s quite meditative. And then I switch back on every now and then, find a heavier gear and stand up in the pedals. That moves the load towards the muscles rather than the circulation which is more challenged when you stay in the saddle and pedal along in a very light gear. There so much you can learn when you climb, about the technicalities of cycling but also about own mental strengths and I can only encourage you to go. But before you do, read this little trick. It was given to me before I was going to ride La Marmotte, which was also my first climbing experience: Imagine that you have a coin between your buttocks and you must not drop it – that will make you contract the core muscles which means your lower back is protected and it will allow you to bring more power into every stride. Happy climbing everyone 🙂

Disclaimer: Although all from Mallorca, none of these photos are actually from Sa Calobra – but do a google image search and get ready to be blown away!



If you ever want to go to Mallorca, ask me about the details of this little gem of a butique hotel 



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