La Ride des Belles Filles: training schedule 6

If you followed the previous training plans meticulously, you should be totally ready to conquer 985 altimeters and probably even more!

I did La Ride!

Did you already finished La Ride or planned to do it this week? Than follow the steps below:

-Join the La Ridley community on Strava
-Upload your ride on Strava (and please make sure you climbed at least 985 altimeters in one ride
-register on
-receive your digital goodiebag in the month of October (after the 6th) by email

For the ones who planned La Ride des Belles Filles a bit later this month, nor problem! We’ve got you covered with training schedules until the last day you can participate. 

Training schedule week 6

We have good news for you! Until now we have been building op your strength and endurance. But as sciences tells us, it is impossible to keep improving without recovery. Lucky you! Because that means that this week is a week of supercompensation, and lighter and easier training sessions. So far we have been loading the body with stress. It is by recovering well (passive PLUS(!!!) active recovery) that your body will adapt. This doesn’t mean that you can start a C-food diet (eat all the food you see) or drink 2l of soft drinks a day. Try to keep the eyes on the price and stay focused.

This week’s schedule counts for both newcomers and experienced riders.

Day 1:

  • 1h30min extensive endurance = easy endurance ride

Day 2:

  • 30min extensive endurance – low = easy endurance ride (warming up)
  • 3 x :
    -15sec (VO2 max – anaerobic capacity) maximal progressive sprint, seated, high cadence
    -10min extensive endurance = recovery, easy pace
  • 30min extensive endurance = easy endurance ride

Day 3:

  • 2h15min extensive endurance = easy ride, high cadence (around 90 strokes a minute). Keep paying attention to your heart rate. Should feel like a comfortable pace.

This weeks’ tip from the coach

#BeTOUGH, good luck and enjoy La Ride!

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