La Ride des Belles Filles

Remember how we organised ‘La Ride’ last year? Well, the 2018 edition will be slightly different. The title of this blog reveals it already a tiny bit. Does it ring a bell?
La Ride des Belles Filles will be an even bigger challenge and hopefully your new cycling goal.

Train for La Ride, a word of info
From the first of September until the 7th of October, we want to see as many women as possible, and from all over the world, do ‘La Ride’ in one day. You choose the date, the location, time and pace. But La Ridley will help you reach that goal with tips, tricks and weekly training schedules put together by the ‘185 Coaching center’.
Are you ready to #BeTOUGH?
Register now at Strava and join the ‘La Ridley Club’. Also stay tuned because every end of the week we will post the new training plan for the next week.

La Ride des Belles Filles???
That’s right! We agree, it might sound a bit funny. We owe you an explanation. The name of this year’s ‘La Ride’ refers to a mountain in the French ‘Vosges’ called: ‘La Planche des Belles Filles’. Literally translated: plank/board of the pretty ladies.
Hmmm, mountain…? Oh yes, La Ride 2018 is about CLIMBING! The exact challenge will be to do total of (at least) 985 altimeters (the exact height of La Planche des Belles filles) in one single ride. How long the ride will be, doesn’t matter, it only needs you to do a loooooooot of climbing! It’s up to you if you want to ride up many small hills, do a few long climbs or even make it an ‘everesting’ kind of event where you go up and down the local bridge over the highway until your goal is reached.

For who?
To conquer 985 altimeters might sound like the hardest thing to do for you but we have set a goal that is reachable for every woman earning a road bike. Well trained or not. Every lady get’s the chance to evolve to the right shape needed to reach that goal. With a #BeTOUGH attitude, the discipline to follow the La Ride training plan and an ‘enjoy-the-moment’ mindset, only the sky is the limit!

And for sure, every man is welcome to join. Shared fun is double the fun! But only in a roll of supportive co-rider. This is a case of ‘Ladies first’ without any competition. It’s about reaching this one goal but even more about enjoying to journey to get there.

Digital goodie bag
After your La Ride is uploaded on Strava and you are registered on our website, you will receive a digital goodie bag filled up with vouchers from our partners. These will be announced during your training period.

Let’s get that bike prepped and these legs ready for some good old cycling fun!


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