La Ride in Copenhagen – gravel blazing


On September 9, a group of brave ladies set out to conquer La Ride in Copenhagen. Those familiar with Denmark’s geography will know that the country is completely flat and offers no real climbs, whatsoever. So to make the ride challenging and interesting, we included local challenges, such as gravel and back roads. We have limited tarmac roads to play on but the fascinating and cool thing is that we have the sweetest backroads. They’re slightly hidden but close to the tarmac roads you’ve ridden so many teams. The backroads are a true, hidden treasure! When you ride these, you settle into explore mode and get the feeling that you’re far away from your usual environment.

Sunday, September 9 was a beautiful autumn day, still very mild weather and lots of sunshine. Something you really need to enjoy as you never know, when the wet and stormy days will return and leave everything sunshine as nothing but a sweet memory in your Instagram posts.

All girls were in high spirits and the space around us were filled with laughter and animated conversations. The plan was to ride 97 km and then return for coffee. Less than 10 km into the route, we encountered our first puncture. I had warned that the ride would involve gravel so solid tires would be needed. But you can never really know, can you? Anyways, with so many skilled women, the operation went swiftly. Waiting was spent gramming and soon everyone was back in the saddle and ready to continue. Not long after, though, another flat occurred – same tire. And then another one – and another one. In fact, we never got to ride for long- even though we gradually replaced more of the gravel with the tarmac.

Sometimes you need to be flexible and pivot

After three hours the 7th puncture, we decided to cut the route a little shorter. Because that’s the thing with cycling- you can plan to the best of your abilities but sometimes, reality just plays out differently. We were all happy to call it a day. No one could be bothered to change yet another inner tube and the after-ride coffee seemed much more appealing. So that’s what we did. The amazing thing was that everyone was still in fantastic mood and that’s actually quite an accomplishment; to appreciate all the rides where everything plays out right and to not be be defeated when they don’t.

Congratulations to everyone out there who did la ride. You girls are rocking it!

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