La Ride: training schedule week 2.

Your first training week is past and it probably took you some time to figure everything out. That is perfectly normal. Cycling might seem easy but if you want to do it with the right built up and good technique it asks for some discipline. That is what training is all about! The right portion of #BeTOUGH.


As you are probably quite new to training with a schedule, questions will popup. There are no stupid questions so please, don’t be afraid to ask trough social media or on the website. It’s better to train correctly than to teach yourself wrong methods. We are happy to help you out!

Ready for week 2? Let’s go!

  1. Extensive endurance: 1h40min at HR (heart rate) ED-2 (extensive endurance – high) = (stay beneath) 70% of the maximum heart rate (220 – age). It should always feel comfortable, you should be able to chat.
  2. Intensive endurance – seated power, 1h40 in total:
    30min ED-2 (warming-up)
    3 series of: [4min HR ID at 60 rpm (don’t look at your heart rate it’s not important now, keep a stabile seated position on the bike, you have to feel your legs performing)- 6min ED-1 (= rest, keep a very easy pace but at 90-100 rpm)]
    40min ED-2 (cooling down)
  3. Extensive endurance: 2h20 ED-2
    Always keep pedaling on a high frequency!

Post training habits

Most people are super hungry after training. The good news is, you can eat! But don’t overdo it. Keep is healthy. It’s easy to grab after chocolat, cookies or junkfood but don’t get tempted to eat all that. recovery food is important as it will make the following training easier. Drink lots of water and eat proteins.

If your legs feel tired, do some stretching.

Enjoy your week!



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