La Ride: training schedule week 4!

We arrived at week 4 and hopefully training is going well. Next week we will start a new training block. For this week the training sessions will again get just that bit longer.
It isn’t always easy to keep every training session interesting. Sometimes you will bust yourself watching your chrono twice during the same second. Here are some tips to keep training fun.

Prepare tracks

Riding the same lap over and over again will soon get pretty boring. That’s why it’s good to prepare your ride in advance. This will ask for a little bit of time but it will make training so much more fun because you will see places in the neighbourhood you’ve never seen before. You will be amazed about all the beautiful areas you’re about to discover.

In Belgium for example, we have cycling networks which will make you ride from crossroad to crossroad on the most gorgeous cycling paths. Check out the internet if this the case for your country as well.

Nowadays a lot of people have a cycling GPS. It comes with quite a price but if you’re a frequent cyclist it’s absolutely worth the money. On the internet there are plenty of websites where you can plan or find tracks (from all over the world) done by other people and download them onto your GPS. An example of such a website is:

It’s also fun to just follow your curious nose and take roads you’ve never been before. It’s exciting to get out of your comfortzone and explore. You don’t know where you will end up but you will always recognize certain points. And if you’re lost. Take your phone and use the Google Maps app.

If you have plenty of time, put your bike in the car and go for a location a bit farther away. You will be amazed about the beauty your country or neighbor countries have to offer!

Training buddies

We noticed a few followers who are searching for training buddies in the same region. This is a great way to meet new people with the same interests. Sharing cycling adventures with a mate doubles the fun. You will be laughing and chatting and without noticing, time will pass so much faster. And when training gets a bit harder, there is always someone to cheer you on.

If you are searching for a training buddy from the same area as yours, make an announcement on social media and tag La Ridley. We are happy to share your message and this way reach more people. In the end, the bigger the La Ridley community, the more fun and the more happy people will be connected!

Training schedule week 4

  • Extensive endurance: 2h at HR (heart rate) ED-2 (extensive endurance – high) = (stay beneath) 70% of the maximum heart rate (220 – age). It should always feel comfortable, you should be able to chat.
  • Intensive endurance – seated power, 2h03 in total:
    30min ED-2 (warming-up)
    3 series of: [5min HR ID at 60 rpm (don’t look at your heart rate it’s not important now, keep a stabile seated position on the bike, you have to feel your legs performing)- 6min ED-1 (= rest, keep a very easy pace but at 90-100 rpm)]
    60min ED-2 (cooling down)
  • Extensive endurance: 3h ED-2
    Always keep pedaling on a high frequency!


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