Train with La Ridley and do the La Ride 100

We are all members of a women’s community in which cycling takes a (big) part of our lives. We breathe it, we dream about it, we live it. Life is (like)  a bike ride. Cycling is a lifestyle.

As cyclists the comfortzone isn’t a place that makes us happy. Happiness comes from going faster, longer, harder. Crossing borders that are new to us.
No fear
No limits
No excuses
This is exactly why La Ridley wants to challenge you to #BeTOUGH.

During the month of September, we want to see as many women as possible, and from all over the world, do a ride of 100km on one day. You choose the date, the location, time and pace. But La Ridley will help you reaching that goal with tips, tricks and weekly training schedules composed by the ‘185 Coaching center’.

Who dares to #BeTOUGH?

Register now at Strava and join the ‘La Ridley Club’. Also stay tuned because every Sunday we will post the new training schedule for the following week.


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  • Paula Hanna
    Is there anyone in the Vancouver/North Van area doing this? :):):)
    • mm
      Isabelle Beckers
      If you share your question on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, I can share it on the La Ridley social media pages and reach more people. Good luck with your riding!

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