My La Ride on Tenerife: 28k of climbing

La Ride des Belles Filles was all about climbing at least 985m.
I did 1593 – and here’s how it was.

Luckily I was on Tenerife during the period of La Ride so I could do it on my most favorite streets. We started in a place called Chio to ride up to the Teide National Park. Teide is a 3700m high volcano, located in the middle of the island of Tenerife, with a national park around it on 2200m. So we started straight into a 28k long climb – from 700m to to 2200m above sea level.

The streets up to the national park are perfect for cycling: not many cars (and if so they are really friendly and careful), perfect street conditions and LOOK AT THAT VIEW. I found my legs really fast and felt like they wanted to ride. So I ended up riding way in the front with our guide and then riding back down to the others and climbing back up again. Ooops.

You ride from the city into the volcanic area, green trees, the old lava all around you, everything covered in black dust – and then you start seeing the Teide on your left. What a beauty of a mountain.

After the national park area there’s another short 3k climb until the long descent down to Los Américas starts.
We ended up doing 72k with 1500m in climbing followed by a wonderful 35k descent.

Result: I LOVE CLIMBING. I should do that more often! And with my Liz SL climbing is just so much FUN.
I love feeling the burn in my legs and feeling my heart rate go up, love the steady pedaling, the sweat dropping from your head – and especially the endless smiles it gives me once I reach the top.


Pro Tip: if that ride is not enough of a challenge for you, try doing it the other way round.
Start in Los Christianos and ride up to the Teide via Arona and Vilaflor.
That sums up to 35k of climbing with 2100m. 🙂 Been there. Done that. Loved it.

If you’re looking for a great Ridley Dealer on Tenerife, I can highly recommend Bike Point Tenerife – I did my longest climb and my first ride on a Ridley bike in 2015 on one of their bikes. They are super friendly, really experienced and know all the good routes on the island! 🙂


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