La Ride, the next step: training schedule of week 3. We’re adding time!

The Tour de France just finished so you have less time to spend behind the television and more time to spend on your bike. The training sessions will not get more difficult, just a little bit longer. With 3 training sessions a week, you must start to feel better and better on your bike. Your form is improving!


In Europe it is mid-summer and many people are going on vacation. Maybe you are too. If it’s not possible to take your bike along, make sure you put a pair of running shoes in your suitcase. Instead of cycling just go for an easy run of 30-45 minutes. This way you don’t lose your shape and keep the energy flowing. It will ask for some discipline but you will feel so good in your bikini on the beach. And remember…#BeTOUGH!


We are all human beings with ups and downs health-wise. If you scheduled your training on a day where you feel like getting sick. Just stay home and rest. If your body gives you signs like fever, just spend the day/evening in the couch and go to bed early. Going out on your bike has no use at all as your body is trying hard to get healthy again. It will only take longer to heal. When you feel fresh again, restart your training.

Training schedule week 3

  • Extensive endurance: 1h50min at HR (heart rate) ED-2 (extensive endurance – high) = (stay beneath) 70% of the maximum heart rate (220 – age). It should always feel comfortable, you should be able to chat.
  • Intensive endurance – seated power, 1h40 in total:
    30min ED-2 (warming-up)
    3 series of: [5min HR ID at 60 rpm (don’t look at your heart rate it’s not important now, keep a stabile seated position on the bike, you have to feel your legs performing)- 6min ED-1 (= rest, keep a very easy pace but at 90-100 rpm)]
    50min ED-2 (cooling down)
  • Extensive endurance: 2h40 ED-2
    Always keep pedaling on a high frequency!

Good luck!

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