Surpassing your limits; triple digits and beyond


That first triple digit ride. It’s a milestone many of us cyclists or triathletes earmark when we begin and so many remember their first vividly. I would be lying if I said I can recall my first hundred. I know that I would’ve been fourteen, it would have been in country Tasmania and I’m sure I was totally stoked! The finer details? They’re a little more shady to me. What do I know though? That since that time, I have achieved so many greater things!

Every time a friend or club mate achieves their first triple digits ride, I literally feel like jumping into the sky. This is because I know what they are about to embark on, a journey of knowing no limits.

Rapha Women ADL after conquering the tough Fernhurst/Cherryville climb in Adelaide, Australia.


Many believe that one hundred kilometres is a really long way. Yes, that’s because it is and you should be proud! Often we hear exclamations from non-riding friends such as ‘you rode your bike HOW FAR!!’ And sometimes it seems crazy that they’re so shocked. Rather than be annoyed by their surprise, I hope that serves as a reminder to you, that what you are doing is special.

Personally I believe that for many of those around me, once they have hit that magical three digit milestone in their cycling careers, they are opening the door to so much more.

Many of my friends have gone on to race 100+ kilometres, ride up to 350 kilometres in one day, ride triple digits on consecutive days, increased their speed, added gravel fun, increased the vertical metres, added iconic challenging climbs or ridden with groups they previously thought they couldn’t. This is what I love to see most! Every day people challenging their self-perceived limits.

How I feel when I watch women ride bikes and conquer their goals! Photo by Lana Adams.

La Ride

The reason that I love challenges put forth such as La Ride, a hundred km ride any time in September, is that it builds hype. For those who may be thinking ‘I’m not ready yet’ or ‘I’ll never be fit enough’, they start to see those around them getting excited and put in the training and preparation, fun photos on social media, chit chat at the local cafes and they begin to realise that if others can do it, maybe they can too!

Again, it’s about raising the bar and realising that you can do whatever you put your mind to!

For anyone who has already ticked that box, it’s the perfect chance to encourage those around you. You could act as a mentor for people with their training and preparation-what gear to wear, what food/drinks to take, what course would be most suitable etc etc. Helping someone achieve any milestone in life is a wonderful feeling.

On the other hand, you could also use this as a chance to step a new benchmark. Perhaps you want to ride the “La Ridley 150” or double it for a 200 km ride! or add that epic climb you’ve been too fearful to conquer previously or if your first 100 km had 1200 metres of vertical, double it! The options are literally endless! Play around with it and have fun.

Work together with your friends, many things in life are better shared! Photo by Lana Adams.

My La Ride

This year I’ll be organising a La Ride Retreat in Victoria. A weekend opportunity to immerse yourself for 48 hours with like-minded women. Saturday will see us ride a shorter loop in preparation for Sunday’s official ‘La Ride’. The route on offer for the hundred km will have plenty of vertical with equal amounts of luscious, green fernery and spring flowers. Hopefully we can avoid ruthless magpies! There will be laughs, there will be energy-sapping hills, there will be flowing descents, there may be humps such as mechanicals or flats, there may even be tears, but together we can get through. The smiles of delight at the end? they’re ALWAYS worth the tough times.

This is me with fifty km to go in my 337 km challenge in Tasmania in 2014. I was mentally and physically ‘stuffed’ but together with my fellow riding friends and support team, we hung TOUGH. Photo by Tony Yaxley.


Shortly La Ridley ambassadors will be posting videos with their Top Five Tips for tackling La Ride. Please also see the training plans and Loren’s blog (with link below) on nutrition!

How to fuel your body the right way.

Share the fun

If you’re as ecstatic about La Ride 100 as I am, share it around ! Tell your friends, organise a date, plan a route and post your photos and stories afterwards.

Be prepared, once you hit 100 km, a whole new world of opportunity awaits! Photo by Beardy McBeard.


Cover photo by Lana Adams.


Happy riding !




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