Training schedule week 5! Time for a “break”.

Lucky you! This week we spoil you with an easier training schedule. We just finished a training block. You probably felt that your body was getting a bit tired. So this is the perfect time for a break!

Training effect

Don’t be worried, you won’t lose any shape by training a little less intensive for one week. The opposite is true. By implementing an easier week, you give your body the chance to become stronger. It’s like they say rest is as important as training, if not even more. Next week you be able to feel the result of the ‘training effect’. You will be fresh again. A lot of people think that they should always train more and harder but that’s just a good way to lose motivation, work towards ‘overtraining’ and find yourself injured rather sooner than later.


We also give a little introduction into sprinting. exciting!! We want you to get some speed in those legs!
During a sprint you always have your hands in the handlebar ‘drops’ (the curved part). If you feel insecure doing that, then just try it out during the warming-up or a few time during your endurance training sessions.
There are 2 ways to sprint; staying seated or standing on the pedals. For this training we want you to stay on the saddle but for sure if you want to try the second option and you’re a more advanced rider, go for it! Beginners we advice to stay seated to prevent crashes.

Tyre pressure

Tyres will never keep the same tyre pressure for days. Not only it depends on cold or warm weather, they will always lose a little bit of air. So check the pressure in your tyres before every training or at least after 3 training sessions. A good general rule is a pressure of 7-8 bar. If you’re planning on doing a lot of cobble sections or riding in the rain, 6-6’5 bar is more than enough.
The harder your tyre is, the less comfortable your training will be but the faster you will be able the ride. You probably noticed already.
Also, a heavier person needs more tyre pressure than a lighter lady.

And for the ones who want to know precisely, this schedule will help.

Recommended bicycle tyre pressure by rider weight:

Tyre Pressure in psi (bar)

Rider weight in lbs (kg)



Less than 125 (57)

108 (7.45)

112 (7.72)

125-150 (57-68)

114 (7.86)

118 (8.13)

150-175 (68-79.5)

121 (8.34)

126 (8.68)

175-200 (79.5-91)

130 (8.96)

135 (9.31)

Greater than 200 (91)

140 (9.72)

145 (10.0)


Training schedule week 5

  • Extensive endurance: 1h30 at HR (heart rate) ED-2 (extensive endurance – high) = (stay beneath) 70% of the maximum heart rate (220 – age). It should always feel comfortable, you should be able to chat. But don’t forget to keep pedaling with a high cadence (=pedal frequency).
  • Progressive sprints, 1h21 in total:
    30min ED-2 (warming-up)
    3 series of: [15sec progressive sprints: stay seated and keep accelerating, the last 5 sec must be on full speed with a very high cadence – 1min45 active recovery ED-1 (= rest, keep a very easy pace but at 90-100 rpm)]
    45min ED-2 (cooling down)
  • Extensive endurance: 1h30h ED-2
    High cadence!

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