10 Cycling Related Facts About Me

I love bike riding! So, I’ve written 10 cycling related facts down that apply to me. Perhaps you recognize some of them?

  1. I’ve been having and riding a roadbike for around 3 years now and I didn’t ever have a single flat tire – which either means I don’t ride enough or I’m just super lucky. It also means the chance I’ll have one very soon rises every time I go out there – what kinda scares me.
  2. I fell off my bike on my first bike ride with clipless pedals on a huge street crossing and it was a lot more embarrassing than painful.
  3. I only wear bike shorts with the same length because I like my tan lines crisp. 😀
    My first ever bike tan lines were super crisp.
  4. You can totally call me one of those “all the gear but no idea” guys because yes, I have a bike but all I know about the components is that they make it ride.
  5. On a bike ride on Tenerife where we rode from the beach (sea level) to the volcano (2300m) I got so low on sugar that I started to shake and then I screamed at my boyfriend something like “WHY DO WE ALWAYS HAVE TO DO ACTIVE HOLIDAYS WHY CAN’T WE JUST GO TO THE BEACH LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE I HATE RIDING BIKES I HATE MOUNTAINS I HATE ACTIVE HOLIDAYS!”.
    Luckily, I just needed some sugar.
    Literally 5k before I announced that I hated cycling, mountains and active holidays.
  6. I believe in matching my clothes and socks and gloves and everything.
    Matching clothes and gloves and nails and everything.
  7. I wave at fellow cyclist and hate when they don’t wave back.
  8. A cold coca-cola is the perfect fuel on a long sunny bike ride. Don’t tell me about how unhealthy it is, I simply don’t caaaaaare.
  9. I love long steady bike rides but I think bike intervals come straight out of hell.
  10. The rule for the number of bikes you need is n+1 (n is the number of bikes you already have).
    My latest addition to the n+1 rule: The Ridley Liz SL.


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