Commute Your Way To A Better Life Balance

 Why commute?

Is there anything better to prepare for a busy day at work than to spend time to yourself, spinning the legs over, passing paddocks of cows, alpacas, goats and sheep? I find it helps to waken me up, ready to tackle whatever may come my way that day. On the way home, I find it gives me time to mull things over, forget and feel relaxed by the time I arrive at my door. It is also a perfect chance to keep my body moving and free my mind, something that can be well-forgotten by many full-time workers. I find that I need to have a balance in my life, so that I can give all of my care and knowledge to my patients during the day. They wonder how I keep so bubbly and happy? I take the time to invest in myself.

 Commuting Check list

  • Bike – I need the wheels to spin the legs
  • Mudguard-this keeps my butt dry when the rail trail is filthy, it prevents the mud from flicking up
  • Lights-a quality set of lights might set you back a bit dollar wise, but safety is number one
  • Backpack-preferably with chest and waist straps for added support and to reduce pressure on your spine
  • Reflective rain cover for backpack-to keep the contents dry in the event of wet weather
  • Rain jacket-I keep this in my backpack at all times! It may be dry on my way to work but this doesn’t mean I will be dry on the way home! This is also handy if the temperate has suddenly dropped
  • My wallet and keys-self explanatory
  • A lock or a safe place to leave your bike-I have access to a shed which is perfect otherwise you may  need to find somewhere to lock your bike
  • A spare change of clothes-I ride in my cycling gear and change at work. I do not wish to get my work clothes sweaty, dusty or muddy
  • Lunch and snacks for work-because otherwise I might get ‘hangry’-a term used to describe hunger induced irritable people.

Set up at the work place

I made it clear to my employer in my interview that I would be commuting to work by bike. When I begun, a space was cleared in the cupboard, a desk space in the kitchen was designated to me and I was provided with the only lock for the shed.

A list of essentials at work:

  • Spare work clothes and shoes-I always have plenty in the cupboard ready to go!
  • A fresh towel, shampoo and conditioner-in case I do a longer commute by the hills and require a shower
  • Baby wipes-to wipe dirt, mud or grime off
  • Moisturiser and deodorant-to freshen myself up
  • A place to hang the clothes to dry during the day- who likes putting on rain-soaked kit? not me!
  • Light battery chargers-to recharge for the journey home
  • Spare food-see previous comments regarding food

Be creative

I understand that a shed, shower and cupboard are luxuries afforded to me which not everyone may have access to. This should not mean you cannot commute! Perhaps you could invest in a very solid bike lock or ask if you could bring your bike inside. The answer is always no if you do not ask! Perhaps you could have a ‘baby wipe shower’ to clean yourself up. Perhaps you could hang your clothes over your bike as a drying rack, as I do. My colleagues affectionately refer to this as ‘Hannah’s chinese laundry’.

I will leave you with the following quote

Whether you think you can or think you can’t– you’re right
– Henry Ford





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