A day in the life of an Aussie Cycling Physiotherapist

Following on from my previous two blogs regarding life balance, I would like to write about a typical work day for me! This will show how I fit everything in.

My Wednesday schedule

5 AM: My boyfriend’s alarm goes off, he works an hour away so he is up bright and early every morning!

5 30 AM: I rise, perform a quick exercise routine and jump onto my bike which is already on the Wahoo Kickr ready for a work out on Zwift or head out onto the road.

7 30 AM: I jump off the bike and into the shower, quickly eat my breakfast and change into my commuting kit

8 10 AM: I head off down onto the gorgeous Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail for my eight kilometre commute to my work

8 30 AM: I change into my work clothes, have friendly chats with our receptionist then prepare plans for all of my patients and classes that day. This means that I can quickly glance at my plans and be reminded what I want to work on with that patient for their session. It also means I remember to look up anything I need to or write any documents that are due.

9 AM until 10 AM: I head down to the local pool to supervise and instruct my hydrotherapy patients, who all have their own programs to work through.

10 AM until 1 PM: I work through my patient list and if I’m doing well I’ll have a few short breaks to take a minute to myself.

1-2 PM: I eat my lunch, complete my own exercises and on Wednesdays I have been trying to fit in a 3 kilometre run!

2-6 PM: I work through my afternoon clients before donning my riding gear to commute back home!

Different days

On Mondays I work from 9-5 PM, Tuesdays 11-8 PM, Wednesdays 9-6 PM, Thursdays 2-7 PM, Fridays 9-5 PM. This keeps every day a little bit different and I really like it! I lead three pilates classes and one hydrotherapy class per week and the rest is patient clinical time.

Home time

When I get home my boyfriend has most often already cooked dinner for us! We use the left overs for the following day’s lunch which avoids us requiring to make two separate meals.

I eat up, shower and do the dishes. We hang up the washing together. I complete any exercises for that day that I still haven’t done and respond to any emails.

Making time for family

Finding that balance where I stay in touch with my family who all live interstate to me can be difficult. Thankfully technology makes it much easier!

I regularly FaceTime either of my parents or my Nanna. I regularly send messages either via text or Facebook messenger to my brothers or friends.

We also regularly call my partner’s parents and try to contact his brothers regularly too.


I also use this time in the evening to prepare my riding and work gear for the next day so that I’m as ready to go in the morning as possible!


Finally, after I do a little bit of all of the above, I can fully relax and unwind just before bed time.

Sleeping time

Getting enough sleep is critical so we are often asleep by 9 30.

Featured image is from Australian cycling photographer extraordinaire Kirsty Baxter! Thanks Kirsty!


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