Exploring spring magic from behind bars

Spring has arrived and what a game changer it is! Not only for the cycling experience but for people in general. In Scandinavian countries, particularly I guess, spring has a very precious feeling to it. It’s like the return of everything hope and light. It triggers the feeling that everything good is in front of you! I appreciate spring rides not only because it feels so good to finally be able to ride without all the many layers. Layers which are never sufficient, anyways, and which makes riding less enjoyable because you feel heavy and limited in your movement. So, for these reasons alone, spring rides are amazing!

Mindfulness powered by riding

But even more so, riding during spring is pure happiness because it triggers an immense feeling of presence. I guess it is caused by the opportunity to follow every minor change in the state of nature. You get to watch the trees and bushes blossom and you get to smell it, too. Day by day, you can see nature change and that prosperity is simply life-affirming. During spring, I, therefore, make sure to prioritize several solo rides. Rides with no fixed agenda and with no training program. Rides, where I get to be just me and where I make sure to absorb everything about nature. I guess it’s what mindfulness is all about?

So, what are you waiting for? Amazing dates with mother nature are waiting just in front of you – but only for a limited time. Don’t miss out!



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