Finding November motivation

It’s easy to get out on the bike when the days are long and the sun is shining, providing you enviable tan lines. But what to do when days are getting shorter? When the sun only appears as you browse through memory lane on your Instagram account. Here’s an idea: Change the scenery and organize a weekend get-away with your favorite cycling girls.



Summer of 2019 was quite amazing in the Nordic hemisphere. In Denmark, we enjoyed a record breaking number of sunshine hours and according to Strava, it’s one of my most active seasons ever. I’m happy still to recall the many memories from April-September but deep into autumn, it’s a different game. Outside isn’t exactly inviting! And despite popular hashtags like #outsideisfree and #werideallweather and #nevernotriding, it’s tempting to stay inside. Inside is nice and warm and dry. The idea of having to go out on your bike, becoming cold and wet, is discouraging. As is the cleaning effort that comes with it; the clothing, including helmet and shoes, not to mention the bike *sigh*. Sometimes, it’s just not worth it- or at least, that’s what you convince yourself whilst debating the pros and cons. Truth is, though, that often, it’s actually much more rewarding to get out on the bike when the obstacles are evident. So how do you manage to make the scale tip towards the “go” side? Here’s a few suggestions.


Change your bike or change routines

First, change your routines! Personally, I’m fortunate enough to own a road bike as well as a cross bike, so when autumn comes, I store away my road bike and make my cross my primary bike. Because if I do a 1:1 comparison between road biking in the winter vs summer, winter is going to lose. But when I change the bike and change scenery, my focus is on what I gain. If you’re not fortunate enough to own more bikes, the I recommend that you change other things. Maybe you can take the car (or train) to ride somewhere else and make an event out of it? And if time allows, maybe you can even go somewhere for a weekend? That’s what I did last weekend and it felt so good!



Weekend get-way on the bike

Together with a group of my cycling friends, I rented a country house just one-hour drive away. We left after work Friday and returned Sunday late afternoon. I felt like I had been on a actual vacation when I returned with glowing eyes, all pumped up on happiness and endorphins. The key was to be able to explore new roads and terrains with no one having to return to family obligations, work, or any of the sort. On day one we spent more than five hours riding 70 km but we had tons of fun! We were all riding gravel bikes, so we rode on the sandy beaches, in between the pine woods and along winter fields, while enjoying the crisp and fresh winter air.


Challenge your skills

On day two, we decided to go on the mountain bike tracks. None of us are technically superior riders but it’s super rewarding to challenge yourself in new ways. It feels much more like play than work. And it’s a solid way to expanding your skills which will make you a much more advanced road cyclist when spring comes.



Happy riding everyone and be sure to share your good advices with your cycling community 🙂


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