Riding is the answer – make it easy to get out there after work

Maybe you’re lucky enough to be in vacation mode and have left work far behind – but maybe, like me, you’re not. So, in a busy work life, how do you make sure that you manage to get out there and ride your bike as much as possible?

I absolutely love riding! I’ve been a happy rider for more than ten years and my excitement only gets bigger the more I ride. I ride road, I do gravel, and I do CX and all are unlimited sources of joy. Nevertheless, I don’t get out as much as I would want to and two main obstacles reduce the chances that I get out on my bike. One is lack of time; I leave work just too late to make the planned ride. The other one is lack of energy, I come home from work and I’m just too exhausted to go. The trick to overcome either is the exact same and the good news is that it’s super simple: Do all the preparations the night before! First of all, it saves you time before the ride and second, you get excited and you are communicating to yourself that you’ve already made the decision to go which reduces the risk of falling into the “I’m too tired” trap. Even though I love riding, I sometimes feel that I’m too tired and I convince myself it’s okay not to go out- maybe you also know that feeling? Truth is, though, if I’m tired, it’s mainly a state of mind and the answer is surely not the couch, the answer is riding.

So here’s my preparations before my ride

  1. I find my coolest kit and make sure it’s washed and ready and I place it where I can see it in the morning before leaving for work
  2. I find all my other gear; spare tubes, pump, tire levers, bidons, computer and pile it together
  3. The bike! Make sure it’s ready as well. Ideally, it’s washed and clean but at the very least check the tires the night before, sometimes you might have gotten a puncture without realising on your last ride – nothing like a flat tire and tube changing to blow your scrutinised time line!
  4. If I’m going on a group ride, I make sure that I’m signed up – commitment to other people is always great motivation
  5. I set the alarm on my phone – and maybe I even change the cover photo on my phone to one from last group ride, reminding me how much I loved it!
  6. I make sure that I have some quick energy available for when I get home and need to hustle out the door – an energy bar or a chilled chocolate milk are good options for me

I hope the above tips can do the trick for you as well. Happy riding everyone 🙂


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