A summer morning with Liz

This is a photography story about an early morning ride in august. From Liz Ke and Liz SL.

I’m so much more a morning person than an evening person. I’ve always been. That probably comes from my mom. You can give your day much more when you get up early and there’s literally no better feeling than already having something achieved while most people still sleep. Every season has its own special morning vibes, the absolute darkness in winter, the deep fog in autumn and the shy light in spring. But the early summer mornings are maybe the most special ones: I love the silence, the fresh air, the bright orange of the rising sun, the fog over the fields, the wet grass, when you can already feel that the day will be a hot one – every little detail that announces a brand new day full of chances.

Whereas many people need a strong cup of coffee and a shower first thing in the morning to get active for the day, I found that I feel best when I start my day with a cup of my favourite black tea – and a morning swim, bike or run. At best during sunrise. When my alarm goes off at 5 am this morning, I feel tired, I’m not going to lie, I feel so incredibly tired and I’m only one wink away from falling back asleep. But I know it’s going to be a wonderful summer day and I really don’t want to miss what this day has to offer. I put on my cycling clothes (because once I wear them I won’t go back to bed, I hope) and prepare a strong cup of black tea (it’s so strong they call it “builders brew”) to drink on our balcony. The air is fresh, the sky is touched in some light blue and I see the first sunrays. I’m still tired.

Back in our living room, my Liz is leaning against my indoor trainer and I’m so thankful that I get to ride outside – which is not even guaranteed in summer when you live in Germany. My Liz is my motivation. It’s like we’re a match made in heaven. And that’s not only because of the name. We’ve spent several hours on the indoor trainer until we finally had our first bike ride outdoors on a crisp cold day in march. Due to a long knee injury story I had to ride a lot on the indoor trainer, trying to stay active without putting too much pressure on my knee, a lot of easy spinning, focused on using both legs with the same intensity, pushing, pulling, finding confidence in my right leg again. The first outdoor ride was good. Exhausting but good. Cycling definitely was one of the key elements to my fast and good recovery.

As the months passed my fitness got better and I found more and more confidence in riding my bike again. I train with a schedule, but I also love the easy rides like the one I’m about to do today. I grab my gear and carry my bike to the elevator. I don’t want to wake the entire house by walking downstairs in my cycling shoes. The house is dark and outside it’s still cold. The streets are empty. And I absolutely adore the silence. Just the birds singing and the sound of my Liz SL. Easy pedalling. Hearing my own breath. Feeling my heart beat. My body is slowly waking up. It’s 5:45 when I reach the bike path and the smile on my face couldn’t be any bigger: I got all I wanted. A bright orange sun rising above the foggy, golden fields. We ride on the bike path, all alone, towards the sun, and I’m so in awe of how beautiful this world is. We make our way along the river, pass some more fields, ride through a little part of the forest and finally reach our destination: the lake. I take a moment to dip my feet into the surprisingly warm water and sit on the shore, watching the swans wake up and the sun turn into a bright yellow, before I grab my Liz and ride back home, being 100% happy about not getting back to sleep this morning. My day couldn’t have started any better.

To me, riding a bike is freedom. It’s such a pure and easy way of moving, using the power of your own lungs and legs. The Liz SL fulfils all my needs as a person who loves triathlons, speedy bike intervals, climbs in the mountains and easy early bird rides. It’s a wonderful, trusty bike that helped me coming back from my injury to doing triathlons. Liz SL and Liz Ke – an absolute dream team. We ride together. We explore together. We sweat together. We are tough together.


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