The MTB series: an introduction

In the spirit of overused quotes, winter is coming, and in West European trend, it’s coming fast and full of horror. 

If you would ask me to describe myself, one of the words in the list would be passionate. That’s the reason why I’ve been postponing getting on a MTB, because if I did, it would spark that light in me. And if the fire starts to burn, you can’t cool it down.

So I’m writing this review/ start of the La Ridley MTB blog series, whilst in 4 other browser tabs open, I have the colors I want to order my MTB in, the wheels, the dropper post and groupset that I want. My MTB  spark has lit up, and I’m pretty sure it will require a lot of riding in puddles this winter to turn it down.

Full suspension

Ridley set me up with the Sablo, a full suspension mountainbike, and as a roady with a Ridley Helium that’s sub 6.5kg, this bike felt heavy. Starting my ride on the road, it felt slow. But the first turn into the local offroad sections and the fun began.

I discovered bike riding in a different way and was having loads of fun on home turf again. Finding small new roads, coming out of sections and thinking ‘oooh this is where I’m at’. It’s been an absolute delight.

However, the fully still felt like a bit of an overkill, especially when comparing the weight difference with the Ignite. But after 2 weeks of riding it, I found the time to go to the Ardennes (the hillier, more rocky section of Belgium), let’s say I figured out the need of a full suspension MTB quite fast.

Trial and error

So, my La Ridley ladies, I hope you’re looking forward to winter as much as me. As I start off this blog MTB series. Where I will test and make mistakes so you gals don’t have to. With season 2020 in mind, where I’m hoping to dig even deeper in this MTB world, entering a competition, and most likely get my ass kicked in ways that I didn’t think were possible.

See you soon,


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