Latte Macchiato For A Chameleon?

Hi! I’m Linda! A working and devoted cycling mom of 3 and competing in (inter)national cyclocross races. That’s a tricky combination and it can be quite hard to get all the hours of training I’d like. Of course I want to give my kids all the attention they need, make sure they can play with friends and cheer them on when they’re competing in their own sports. You see, my agenda is filling up as we speak. How can I plan my training properly?

I have to train a lot. But that doesn’t matter, I love training! Maybe even more so than doing the races I’m training for. The level in cyclocross is very high, well actually, for me it is. Usually I’m standing at the starting line with cyclists like Marianne Vos, Sanne Cant and Thalita de Jong. Jeepers, I can’t keep up with them without proper training.

I can’t live like a pro. Which means I have to get on the bike real early after I’ve taken the kids to school or later during the evening when I’ve put them to sleep. I’m an early bird or a night owl when I need to be. Hmmmm, perhaps I’m a chameleon? I adapt to the situation I’ve been put in. One thing is a fact, I’m as much on my bike as my family allows me to.

All this requires discipline and determination. Today, we’re Monday, I’m taking the kids to school and there she is again, one of the mom’s offering to go for a cup of coffee, “Hey Linda! Wanna go for a Latte Machiato at that delicious new cupcake store?” It’s really hard to say, “Sorry, I want to do another training session.” Then, I know for sure, that Latte Macchiato is going to hunt me for the rest of the day…

Ham on my mind

Still, I prefer to train. To rush home and put on my cycling kit. Quickly check my email from work and answer the most urgent questions. In the meanwhile eating an energy bar and getting some water into my bottles. And then, it’s Time to Ride!

It’s raining cats and dogs with hail once in a while. The conditions make it dangerous and the last thing I want to is to crash during a casual training. You know what that means? It’s Tacx time. Pfffff, it happens way to much this time of year. We’re not the best of friends, the Tacx and I, which makes it even harder to choose a training over a delicious latte. I told you, that Latte Macchiato is hunting me today …

Anyway, I need to hurry as the kids will be out of school in a few hours. The youngest needs to go to his swimming lessons and the eldest wants to go to her piano lessons. We’re out of ham for sandwiches, so I need squeeze in a  rush to the supermarket in the afternoon as well.

The first 15 minutes on the bike are tough and my mind keeps thinking about that Latte Macchiato and that ham I really shouldn’t forget about. Then, I’m getting into a nice flow and the Tacx and I are making the most wonderful charts.
After this very nice training I get off the bike and I’m feeling fulfilled. Time to take a hot shower and within 30 minutes I’m off for a hectic, but fun, afternoon with the kids.

At least we’re starting the afternoon with some delicious ham and cheese sandwiches. Perhaps a Latte Macchiato while the kids are playing?


Photo credit: Kristof Ramon / Peloton de Paris



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