When flu keeps you off the bike

How I’ve learned to make the most of forced breaks from cycling

Apologies! This post has only a little cycling in it! However, I’m sure it’s recognisable to some of you. It’s about how to survive when you catch the flu. Oh yeah, it’s that season and it sure has been particularly tough on me this year. So, I want to share my learnings with you. Maybe, you can use some of it. Or it will at least reassure you that you’re not the only one, when you’re in bed for the 7th day and all you want to do is get out there and ride on.

Here’s what works for me.

1. Accept the fact that you can’t go riding. That’s less difficult in the beginning when you’re feeling awful with fever and your entire body aches. But it will be harder when you’re over that phase and you’re back to work/ school but still lingering between being sick and being well. But if you go out in the cold on your bike too early, it will throw you right back to where you started. Yup, been there, done that. Not clever! So even though you really miss riding, be patient.

2. Treat yourself well. Use the time to do things that maybe you normally can’t find the time for. Read a book. Binge Netflix.

3. Eat healthy, like homemade vegetable soups. Step up your juice game to get an added vitamin boost to boost your health. Drink lots of water e.g. boiled water with freshly squeezed lemon in. If you feel horrible in the evening time, I can recommend a hot toddy 😉

4. It’s not the end of the world 😀 Plan your next cycling adventure, whether it’s that cycling vacation to Tuscany/ The Alps / Mallorca or just your next weekend ride and maybe search for a new, sweet coffee stop. Watch some cool cycling stuff, e.g. GCN youtube channels to get some inspiration for your riding

5. When you start feeling better but aren’t yet ready for some high intensity training, use this occasion to kickstart some core training. I prefer to do yoga as it’s good for your physical and your mental wellbeing. And a strong core is fundamental for your riding style but will also enable you to ride for many years without lower back pains.

Do you have anything to add to the list? Please, do leave a comment below. Have fun riding, everyone. And get well soon if you, like me, are battling the flu as we speak…

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