Big Butts And Moustaches

Most people think that women’s cycling is a sport for mannish girls, virago’s. Well, that’s what the cliché says. I believe to be the proof that this is (if even was) no longer the case. In my casual clothes nobody will ever think I bicycle (in a bikini it’s hard to hide; tan lines…). Sports like high jump or volleyball are what people think I do. Nail polish and mascara aren’t very cyclist-like… Girly girls aren’t assumed to #BeTOUGH.

Those Stereotypical Questions

“How many times a week do you train?” – Every day.
“How far are your training rides in average?” – That’s always different. Between 40 and 130km’s.
“Competition also?” -Yes.
“You have a coach and training schedules?” -Yes, both.
“Like in a peloton?” – Yes.
“Like in the Tour de France?” – Yes, like in the Tour de France.
“Is there a tour de France for women?” – No, however there was one and it might return to the calendar.

Even with Nail polish and mascara I take cycling very serious. Women’s cycling is to be taken serious. From all the questions we cycling girls get on a regular base, it’s obvious that there’s still a lot unknown about the sport. But that’s also what makes it so fascinating.

Until this moment, lots of people don’t really know about the existence of the women’s peloton or what it stands for.
It’s time to throw the clichés overboard.
Believe it or not, but times where lady cyclists had big butts and moustaches (If even they ever had?), are over!

International Women Heroes

The elite women’s peloton is a big group of girls from around the globe. At the UCI-races a start list contains about 170 riders.

The maximum distance is 140km’s and will be increased to 160km’s in 2017! Just like the men, we have a WorldTour calendar which includes 35 days of racing, 4 stage races,13 one-day races, 9 countries, 8 races broadcast live.
Surprised? Women’s cycling is starting to be big business. And the good thing is, it’s evolving. Fast.

I’m sure the name ‘Marianne Vos’ rings a bell. But do you know that her list of achievements is much longer than the one of our Belgian pride ‘Tom Boonen’?

marianne-vos-achievementsLittle remark; the above list only shows her medals in championships… If that doesn’t blow you away, I don’t know what will.

With averages of 400km’s of training rides a week it’s hard not to look fit. The fat around our thighs melted away and we got visible muscles in our legs instead. Yes, we are athletes.

Each year the number of female professional cyclists grows. It makes our races more and more attractive for the fans, media and sponsors. Because our way of racing is fast, offensive and aggressive, it’s always sensational to watch. And… importantly for the male cycling fans; your eyes are given a pleasurable viewing also. Not only you get to see well trained bodies in tight lycra. We girls like to look good off but also on the bike. So you get perfectly manicured nails and pretty faces for free. In other words, we are just as though as our male colleagues but with nail polish and mascara on.

Come check us out at our races, it will definitely be worth the effort!


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