Down the rabbit hole with Kasia

Crashing your bike, I think, is one of the biggest fears of every rider. There are some typical crashes every cyclist has to go through.

Everybody falls sometimes…

You’re riding, you have to stop. You’re braking, coming to a stop and then realising you’re still stuck in your pedals. And then suddenly, it’s feeling like a slow motion fall, you’re tilting to your left or right. TONK. There you are, on your side, suddenly unclicked from your pedal, but on the ground … In my case, swearing like an old sailor. Quickly grabbing my stuff, looking around if no one saw me and continuing with only my ego hurt.

Or another typical fall. The touching of your front wheel with the rear wheel of the person riding in front of you. BANG. Worst case scenario, five other cyclists fell over you and you just caused a ͚mass crash in your own peloton.

Then there are those rare crashes you see on YouTube. A rider got ran over by a deer. There he sits, broken collarbone… What happened? ͞Well … A deer came from the right, out of the bushes and just ran him over …͟ Or that crash of 10 guys because a peacock ran over the street and fled the scene afterwards.

Brrrr, crashes, they always give me the chills… Especially when I see them in the Pro Peloton. Blood, ripped clothes, people screaming. It’s actually insane. We reach those crazy speeds with barely some lycra to protect us. Anyway, I have to admit, I had to laugh when I read
Lauren Kitchen’a blog about her team mate Kasia Niewiadoma’s crash. It was in last weekend’s Strade Bianche for Women.

In a hole in Sienna

Lauren Kitchen, WM3 Pro Cycling: “We began Sector 5. I had Marianne and Kasia in front of me and we were all in the front of the bunch. All of a sudden a few corners into the sector there was a crash. Marianne and I crashed softly. I know, weird to tell, but on the gravel and those soft roadsides you can crash softly.”

“I thought OK,” tells Lauren, “It’s all good. Both girls are still in front, no problem. I grabbed
my bike, wanted to continue and I looked at my right side. I saw some white-and-red in the
deep gutter next to me. It was the Polish Champ jersey of Kasia … ohooh …͟”

“I immediately jumped off again and attempted to climb down. I threw Kasia’s bike back to the gravel road. Now I had to untangle Kasia from Coryn Rivera. Kasia was stuck with her head underneath Coryn’s frame. I had to push her head down to free her … If someone took a photo of that moment, it would have looked like I was trying to drown her. Haha!”

“But it all ended well. I brought Kasia close to the front group again. She closed the last gap on her own and even became second after a super exciting finish.”

How a crash, with a ͚happy ending, makes you smile.

Thank you Lauren for sharing!

Seventy Meters Deep…

Perhaps I close this time with a poem.

“Seventy meters deep I fell,
My heart stood still,
But my Pontiac ticked on well”

It’s loosely translated from Dutch (zeventig meter viel ik diep, mijn hart stond stil, maar mijn Pontiac liep …). Wim Van Est won a stage in the Tour of 1951. The next day he wore the yellow jersey, but he crashed in the descent of the Col d͛ Aubisque. They heist him up with bike tires. Some time later Pontiac launched an ad with that slogan. Another crash who puts a smile on peoples face. You know, time heals all wounds … 😉
The next time your male companions are talking about the Tour de France you can add a cool story as well 😉


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