Cobbles & bikes

With Paris – Roubaix in mind I immediately think of cobble’s. This is what I posted last year about cobbles and I still stand by every word I said..

Here are some tips for you to make your bike ride more comfortable, on the cobbles.

  1. Tires and their pressure
    I swear by continental 25mm wide (the wider, the more contact with the ground, the harder to fit in a race bike!) A larger tyre increases the size of the cushion of air between you and the road and that’s important on the cobbles.
    Less pressure = more comfort – If you even can be comfy on cobbles..
  2. Bottle Cages
    It’s very easy for bottles to jump out of bottle cages over the cobbles. As well as losing a drink, an escaped bottle is a loss forever.. Some riders put grip tape on the inside of their cages to provide more friction. It’s very easy and a cheap way instead of buying new cages!
  3. The perfect gear
    First of all you have to put your weight on your feet. What I mean is, shift a gear or two bigger, to give yourself something more substantial to push against when you enter a cobbles section. You should aim to continue with the same speed. – Don’t smash it as hard as you can like your life depends on it, otherwise you will blow your legs up within moments
  4. Hands
    The toughest thing of all is your hands. You need to find a way to hold the bars securely to keep your front wheel on the straight and narrow without hanging on for grim death. Let the bars dance in your hands a little without letting them pop out. Hold the hoods, the drops, the tops, whatever suits you. Everybody’s different, – just don’t grab your bar very tens like you are ready to kill someone..
  5. And last but not least, look beyond your eyeline..
    This actually count’s for everything. You ride where your eyes are looking at! Once you’ve picked your line, force your eye line up to the middle distance and concentrate on keeping your neck relaxed and your head steady.. I prefer the centre of the cobbled road or in other words the middle section.

Good bumpy ride to you ladies!

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