New Bike Day

We all know the exciting feeling of getting new toys AKA gifts. The only difference between now and when I was a kid is that I can’t jump around and jell anymore – I could but people would look funny at me. But hey, sometimes joy takes over and I do it anyway.

Last Friday I woke up early (after a late evening shift. I worked until 1am in the morning, and was already busy from 2pm the day before – Oh and I did some training before that too). So with barely any sleep, bags under my eyes, and no, they aren’t Chanel. I prepped myself to go and get myself a new beauty. That’s worth the minimum of sleep.

First Some Frustration, Then in Heaven

So, waking up, and off I go. I’m going at Ridley to get my bike. One thing you should know about me, I hate Belgium traffic, it’s a constant reminder of why I love to ride my bike. No stress, beautiful places to see, nature, no bad pilots (at least not on my watch) and always happy people around me riding too. But when I’m driving my car, I’m literally swearing all the time (Ooops) and when I finally get to my desti nation I’m probably so stressed out, I could use a bar of chocolate or two, to get back in line.

And like I was expecting 2hrs of driving with 1hr of standing still (URGH). But when I finally saw the bike the stress of all the shitty drivers and the painful ass of sitting way to long in the car (yes, even when I’m used to it), just washed away. I was mesmerized. Normally I know well enough what to say (actually I always know what to say). But sometimes words aren’t enough to describe a feeling, or something you see.

So like the kid at the playground with the new shoes on, showing them off to everyone, I took the bike home, (YeahYeah –  I made a Selfie couldn’t resist that). On the way back during the traffic jams, the first thing on my mind was, I need to take a spin on that. Well, easy said, not so easily done. I’m a handy woman and I know how a bike works but to set it correctly (measurements of my body) that’s not for me. So, taking it for a spin, immediately when I got home, that was not an option.

You need to be one with your bike
– Rule #1

A good road bike position is very important, to reduce injuries, discomfort and it also has an impact on your riding enjoyment. If you don’t sit comfortable you are limiting the control you have over the bike. You need to be one with your bike.

These are the important things you have to check when you are going on a ride with your new bike:

  1. Correct saddle height and back stand – pedaling efficiency.
  2. Handlebar – drop from the saddle and width
  3. Stem length – should be straight

So, after putting my own words into action, and after a few days’ I could finally ride my new horse. A true bike lover, simply can’t wait to whizz along with the wind in her hair and her breath stopped by the speed she makes.



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