The Earrings Of Marianne Vos

Pro Cyclists have sponsors. Helmet sponsors, cycling kit sponsors, bike sponsors and so on. But what caught my eye? Marianne Vos her earrings. Fashionably green. A perfect match with her outfit.

The first week of 2017, she has already 2 victories and countless pictures of her and her green earrings. I thought it was time I asked her a couple of questions to get a good sense of her fashion style.

New team, new colors

Team Rabobank is so 2016. Now, it’s all about WM3 Pro Cycling. From orange to green. “Black is stylish, green has a durable feel. WM3 Pro Cycling stands for a green world. The transition to WM3 Pro Cycling was quite a job. In recent years, I have built up a full Rabobank-wardrobe: socks, jackets, helmets, shirts. In the week before the Grand Prix Sven Nys I cleaned up everything to, after the first of January, prevent myself from accidentally grabbing the old clothes,” Marianne tells us. “I didn’t throw everything away of my orange wardrobe. I will use some accessories on championships, when I defend the colours of my country.”

“I like to look nice, ”she continues, “but I’m no fashionista. I don’t always need to buy the latest trends. But on the bike I like to have everything matching. It has to be right. Even our team manager keeps an eye on that.”

Of course these kind of details won’t make the difference. We still need to pedal hard to win a race. But it’s kind of fun if you can be proud of the overall appearance of the team. And I have to say: I am. The colours of the bike, helmet, sunglasses, power meter and the jersey, for example, match perfectly together. ”

“I try to draw a line when it comes to my personal life. I didn’t restyle my interior, but I do have to admit, I own a green toothbrush. I recently needed a new one. When I saw it hanging I couldn’t resist”, Vos tells laughing out loud.

Fashionistas in the team

When I asked who are the fashionistas of the team, Marianne didn’t doubt a second. “Kasia (Niewiadoma, ed.). She’s very into fashion, always wearing clothes that will suit the latest trends. And Moniek (Tenninglo, ed), she’s also a bit of a fashion addict.”

“When you’re on the road with the team, everyone wears team clothing. It’s very practical. You don’t need to think about what to wear and the team presents itself as a unity by the team clothing we wear.”

Marianne Vos does admit, “When meeting each other at non-official events, it’s interesting to see every girl’s taste for fashion. It is then that you see who’s more into trends than others.”

“With the new team colours, we are going to give each other some tips, because our looks will be a bit ‘greener’ than before. For example: is green eyeshadow ok or not? What about those green glasses? Do they match our helmets? ”

Bike Design Contest

At La Ridley we’re keeping an eye on the WM3 Design Voting contest. Will it be the black subtle design, or the renewing grey design? Or perhaps one of the black-and-white ones? I wanted to find Marianne Vos’ favorite.

“I prefer to have a very tight bicycle design. Less is more, in my opinion. I like sublime simplicity. That’s why I’m fond of black, it makes a bike chic and stylish at the same time,” she admits.

“I wonder how our fans and followers think. After all, in the La Ridley contest * they are deciding with which design the team will race next season. There are enough pro arguments for each one of them. Ridley didn’t make it an easy choice.”

Vos’ favorite color

“A green and black shirt is beautiful, but, for every cyclist, a jersey with all colours of the Rainbow is even more pretty,” Marianne says with a wink and a big smile.

*La Ridley contest: Choose, vote and win on the ‘La Ridley’ Facebook page following this link: WM3 voting contest


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