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If you read my first blogpost you know that my boyfriend and I keep going to Lake Garda once a year for holiday and cycling (and running and swimming and eating pizza and gelato). However, in 2016 we did a bike tour in the mountains and I for the first time noticed the pain in my right knee. Little did I know that I will take me a lot of patience and two surgeries to make this pain stop.

So in 2017, on the very same day, at the very same place, we started for a bike tour – and I was both excited and also scared. I mean I was riding outdoors and I also was riding hills – but was my knee already ready for Lake Garda, for the place where it all began? Oh yes, it was!

One year after I first noticed my knee pain and almost 5 months after my surgery I was riding my bike there again – without the mountains but also without the pain.

Lake Garda … Heavenly

I think for now.. I just let the pictures talk. You can see all the happiness and joy and the beautiful landscape and everything. This place is everything.


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