My First Indoor Bike Ride

As already mentioned in my last blogpost, I got to cycle only 27 days post my surgery, only two days after I was allowed to walk without crutches and without my brace. I walked into my room at my physiotherapist and he just smiled at me because he was so happy to see me without crutches. Walking was surprisingly easy and not as weird as I expected it to be after mostly sitting around and not using my right leg for almost 4 weeks.

Let’s Go On The Bike

When I went to my physiotherapist I definitely didn’t think of cycling already, he always said I will be allowed to go on the stationary bike after week 5 – so I was well prepared to wait for another week and it honestly felt super far away. He still smiled at me and just said: “You know what? When I think about it.. easy cycling puts less pressure on your knee than normal walking and stairs and everything.. so.. let’s go on the bike!”

My first physical activity after my surgery was a 10min bike ride. With like 30 watts or something.

You can hardly call it “sports” because I didn’t even get to sweat and my heart rate was probably the same as if I was just sitting on a couch – but GOSH, I was so excited! It was the first step to make me realize that I really will be able to come back. Slowly. But I would.

For the first weeks I continued to only cycle on a normal stationary bike, slowly increasing both time and watts, until I was finally able to switch to my roadbike and my roll trainer. Indoor cycling is usually super boring and I usually hate it –  but this time I was so excited to feel my roadbike again.. to feel like “real” cycling again.. to wear my cycling shorts.. to click in with my shoes.. everything.

I enjoyed it so much, so I cycled two or three times per week and I added 5minutes each week, until I got to cycle 1 hour.. until I got to cycle 1.5 hours.. until I got to ride with more resistance.. everything.

The best thing about it was that my knee felt better than it had in the past 9 months. It didn’t hurt.


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