What’s the plan? What’s next?

Currently my “training” doesn’t really look like training.. which is okay because I REALLY enjoy that I have the freedom to chose whatever I and my knee feel like doing. I swim, I ride, I run, I try to increase my distance on my bike rides and my runs, but then I fall off my bike and hurt my should, then I travel, and then I spontaneously get a new tattoo, and then I don’t swim anymore because my tattoo needs to heal, so I cycle more and run more, and then I miss swimming, and strength trainings bores me to death and.. yeah, haha.

All in all I enjoy having no pressure – but I also can’t wait to train again and race again!

But – with patience, of course.

So once my new tattoo healed I get back into training with my coach Robin Schneider. We want to build a good base for a comeback and my first 70.3 race in 2018! That means: focus is on becoming even better at swimming and getting more power on the bike. Running is currently not in our main focus because that will take a little more time and I really don’t want to push too hard.

And maybe.. I will even do a little sprint distance race this year. Who knows 😉

My Goals

I’m just so incredibly happy that now, around 6 months post my surgery, I’m allowed to do all I love: running, swimming, cycling, hiking, catching the bus, running upstairs, doing squats, whatever I want.

So my main goal is: stay healthy and build back the muscles in my right leg.

The next goal is: get back into a real training schedule.

Then: train hard again in all three sports.

And then: doing a sprint distance this year.

And for next year: being still healthy and pain free and finally doing this 70.3-thing.


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