Winters Equals Sickness..

Last Saturday I woke up with that annoying feeling at the back of my throat. Like something is stuck between my tongue and trachea. Bit like the times when you were little, mom made sausage with stamped potato. You had to chew like a 1000 times to make sure nothing stayed behind or you could suffocate. Oh dear, the first cough. I’m I imagining that I’m sick, or is it coming again?! Tickling feeling followed by another cough. (Argh)

As I rise from my bed, I feel that every muscle is trying their best to make it hard to at least get out of my bed. Back pain, muscle pain in general, that sore empty feeling like you’ve been lazing all day doing nothing. In a few hours I have to go to work so no training today – maybe tomorrow? I could literally start crying, all I could say was “not again – please not again”.

All the hard work I did so far to get that little bit better this year. All the sleep I left, all the times I had to wake up early so I could train before work. So, I could be a better version of me, so I could still do the laundry, walk my dog, spend time with my dears and at the same time get in shape for the new season. All the things I already left, the fun parts, the parties, the friends I had to disappoint, all for nothing? All because I love my bike, the rush, the races, to push myself to the limit.

At least I have a bit of good news, well it depends on how you see it. 😉 My boyfriend is also sick so we can knock together on our way back. So we each can complain to each other about how bad we feel or how good it will go.

In these times we need a constant reminder that even tough cycling is a part of your life, our lives at my home.. As a fulltime worker, housewife,  lover and mommy of my pets, it’s just a part. Maybe the biggest one so far… But we need a healthy body, mindset and sometimes a shoulder to cry on when we stoop in one of the bad episodes in life. Racing makes me happy but being healthy makes me happier.

Hope to get back in the game soon.


  • This is exactly where I am right now - stunning, autumn day outside, and I have had the flu and a high temperature for 9 days. I'm passionate about cycling and racing, but battling an immunodeficiency sometimes I wonder if I can pull it all together. Once I'm healthy I forget all about it completely. I worry about the disadvantage of regular infections and the training missed. This time I am trying to (in between sleeping, which I am doing a LOT of) expand myself in other ways, with inspiring podcasts, planning travel, and the Grampians camping trip I was supposed to be on this weekend, but also remembering that the quiet times in life are really important too, even when they aren't quite as we'd choose them. See you out there soon~
    • mm
      Isabelle Beckers
      Sorry I read this way too late. Always remember; health comes first! And rest is as important as training. So don't worry too much, by focusing on other things, I think, you're doing great! All the best!

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