Dive into the MTB world

When you are a thrill seeker and just riding on two wheels is to boring you can dive into the MTB scene. Fresh air becomes fresher when you are surrounded by pine trees, and the ride becomes more exciting as you pedal up and down those muddy mountains.  The more you ride, the better you will get at it.

First you should figure out what kind of trials you’d like to ride one. Flat, hilly, winterfun (read snow) or when you live near the beach sandy corses can be fun aswell. but for al those types of trials you have different types of tires.

When you’re riding non-technical sections of trail, you can find comfort and stability in the neutral position. This is even a good way to just start riding.

  • slight bend in the elbows and knees ( just to give yourself some comfort)
  • look ahead on the trail (Always look a bit ahead, you can see rocks, tree stumps, w
  • holes etc..)
  • fingers ready on the brakes (You should always be prepared to brake by having your index fingers ‘covering’ your front and rear brakes. controlled and soft is the key word, never try to slam on the brakes in hopes of recovering from a fall)

Be prepared to fall, you will even when you really don’t want to. But you are challenging yourself on different corses to try and become a better and faster rider. falling is a unlucky part of becoming a better rider. if you are scared you can prep yourself with some gear like: elbow pads, knees pads, a good helmet and gloves

And at last, treat your bike well. Clean it after a ride, especially in the rain or mud. Riding in those conditions can be fun, but it can wear down the components of your bike. You love that thing so show it by bathing it ;). Ps you will get dirty aswell !


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