Most magnificent bike I have ever ridden

Introducing this post with a caveat: reading it will make you want to go and spend all your money. Probably!

I have now been the blessed owner of a Ridley Noah Fast for a month and OH MY GOD! I’m over the moon. It was love at first sight, and every time I take it out for a spin, the love grows even stronger. I’m super stoked by the bike’s stiffness and by how responsive it is. I’m a solid road cyclist and I have tried a few bikes by now. This one by far surpasses anything I have ever tried. I’m not a professional and therefore not able to understand and explain every little detail that makes this bike so awesome. But for sure, I’m able to grasp and appreciate the experience it provides me. It’s like I just have to push hard into the pedals a few times, do a few solid strides and then, wrooom, the bike just kind of continues on its own. All I have to do is stay in the saddle and keep spinning the crank.

Where it really excels is when you go at high speed, like +35 and there perhaps is a little bit of wind – then it just kind of carves through it all and I just sit there with a huge smile on my face, bobbling with excitement, triggered by my sense of achievement – or rather, by the bike’s achievement. It’s just pure awesomeness…

Clean and streamlined look

And oh oh, I haven’t even mentioned yet how fabulous it looks! It so super clean with all the cables hidden away in the tubes, even all the way from the cockpit. I tell you, it’s a real attention grabber, especially with the pureline paintjob.

Sure, this bike is in the higher end of the price range. And I wouldn’t recommend it to a beginner. But anyone who has a minimum of cycling skills and a solid level of fitness foundation will be blown away by the performance of this bike. It has my highest recommendations. And I can’t imagine I will ever want to replace it.

Ending on cheesy note: money can’t buy you happiness but it can buy you a Ridley Noah Fast and that’s pretty god damned close.



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