Train with us

Train with us

Train with us and do the
La Ride 

In September we are challenging you to do a 100km ride on one day. Sounds difficult, right? But we will make it a little easier. The coaching will come from us, the training has to come from you. We are looking forward to see your participation on our Strava club: La Ridley.
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We are all members of a women's community in which cycling takes a (big) part of our lives. We breathe it, we dream about it, we live it. It's a lifestyle; cycling life. As cyclists the comfortzone isn't a place that makes us happy. Happiness comes from going faster, longer, harder. Crossing borders that are new to us.
No fear
No limits
No excuses
This is exactly why La Ridley wants to challenge you to #BeTOUGH. During the month of September, we want to see as many women as possible, and from all over the world, do a ride of 100k on 1 day. You choose the date, the location, time and tempo. But La Ridley will help you reaching that goal with tips, tricks and weekly training schedules composed by the '185 Coaching center'.

Who dares to #BeTOUGH?
Register now at Strava/LaRidley/LaRide and get ready!

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La Ridley retreat; interviewing six absolute stars

La Ridley retreat Over the weekend of September 15-17, a group of six women joined me for a weekend retreat in Warburton, Victoria. You can read all about it here:   Interview Over the weekend, I asked each of the riders to answer three questions. Every person is unique. They each have their own […]

I conquered La Ride!

    Did you join in the fun this past September and challenge your friends to La Ride 100? Well, I did, and as a result I had a wonderful group of old and new faces join me for a lap around the beautiful Gold Coast hinterland. This September, La Ridley encouraged women across the […]

La Ride: Ready. Set. Go!

We arrived in the month September which means you should be ready to finish off the 1ookm of La Ride. At least the women who started preparing at the same time as the training schedules were posted. For all the ladies who plan to do their La Ride later in the month, underneath you can […]
La Ride

La Ride training week 8: the finishing touch!

As La Ride is coming very close now, it is time for the finishing touch! That means that we put some serious training volume in this week’s schedule. It will only make riding 100k’s so much easier and more fun. So keep the discipline going! Together with long training rides, saddle sores often come along. […]

Top tips to conquering La Ride!

It is September , which means time for “La Ride 100” . Have you planned a ride yet? Trained up for it? Thought about how you’re going to tackle it? If not, no worries, I have some tips so you can still organise and conquer your own “La Ride”. Tip one : Ride buddies – […]

Surpassing your limits; triple digits and beyond

ONE.HUNDRED.KILOMETRES That first triple digit ride. It’s a milestone many of us cyclists or triathletes earmark when we begin and so many remember their first vividly. I would be lying if I said I can recall my first hundred. I know that I would’ve been fourteen, it would have been in country Tasmania and I’m […]
La Ride training

Training week 6: you’ve got some (specific) work to do!

It is time to get serious now. You have arrived in the next training phase which means that preparations will get more specific. We will focus much more on the details now. Exciting! because this means the targeted goal is coming closer. Be prepared Especially before the specific training sessions (training 1 and 2), it […]

Training schedule week 5! Time for a “break”.

Lucky you! This week we spoil you with an easier training schedule. We just finished a training block. You probably felt that your body was getting a bit tired. So this is the perfect time for a break! Training effect Don’t be worried, you won’t lose any shape by training a little less intensive for […]

La Ride: training schedule week 4!

We arrived at week 4 and hopefully training is going well. Next week we will start a new training block. For this week the training sessions will again get just that bit longer. It isn’t always easy to keep every training session interesting. Sometimes you will bust yourself watching your chrono twice during the same […]
La Ride

La Ride: training schedule week 2.

Your first training week is past and it probably took you some time to figure everything out. That is perfectly normal. Cycling might seem easy but if you want to do it with the right built up and good technique it asks for some discipline. That is what training is all about! The right portion of […]
La Ride training

Here we go! La Ride training schedule week one!

It’s time to get active! Your first training schedule is waiting for you. But first some simple info we like you to know. Heart rate monitor It is a must to train with a heart rate monitor. You have to know what you are doing while training to prevent you from training too hard or […]
La ride challenge

Train with La Ridley and do the La Ride 100

We are all members of a women’s community in which cycling takes a (big) part of our lives. We breathe it, we dream about it, we live it. Life is (like)  a bike ride. Cycling is a lifestyle. As cyclists the comfortzone isn’t a place that makes us happy. Happiness comes from going faster, longer, […]